First activity report of the WACA-GEF project

The first activity report of the WACA FFEM project (April 2020) reports on the activities of the first year of project implementation (March 2019-February 2020), under the coordination of the CSE. Among the main activities are the following

  • -The processing of many historical data (aerial images, bathymetric data);
  • The constitution of a network of national and regional institutions working on the issue of coastal risks;
  • Exchanges of experience between the “conservatoire du littoral” and the MPAs of Senegal, and the commitment of RAMPAO to the MPAs of the network for the dissemination of information, the exchange of experiences and the implementation of soft solutions to coastal risks;
  • The implementation of soft solutions for the development and adaptation to coastal risks on the project sites: protection against erosion, development of Local Climate Change Adaptation Plans, support for strategic withdrawal;
  • Communication actions and launching of thesis work in the universities of the 3 countries targeted by the project

> For more information, download the executive summary of the report.