Project PAPBIO “Management of mangrove forests from Senegal to Benin”.

“Integrated protection of mangrove diversity and fragile ecosystems in West Africa and their enhanced resilience to climate change” in 9 West African countries. This is the objective of this project signed in July 2019 with funding from the European Union and implemented jointly by IUCN, Wetlands International Africa and the 5Deltas collective.

Reinforce the actors in the management of the areas protected and unprotected mangrove sites. The aim is to link governance and production systems with the structures of conservation of mangroves at the territorial level. These links will be created at Through exchanges between stakeholders at the decision-making level on the use of space and best practices, to implement or to to strengthen platforms for dialogue within landscapes and to put in place the necessary provision of grants to support management and conservation actions, this on the basis of competitive calls for proposals

Three results are expected:


1. Socio-economic and sectoral activities in the landscapes are coordinated in an integrated manner.
2. Effective protected area management systems are developed and operational.
3. Riparian populations derive sustainable benefits from PAs and are more resilient to climate change.

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