Restoration of the mangrove of Cuajiniquil: a testimony from the Phoenix expedition

Phoenix expedition is a sailing expedition whose ambition is to participate in the “regeneration of the ocean”.

Leaving from Brittany in February 2022 to California, the team meets, documents and helps along the way projects of restoration of coastal ecosystems (corals, mangroves, sea grass beds, oyster reefs…).

It was in this context that the crew met with María Marta Chavarria Diaz, coordinator of the Cuajiniquil restoration project, and spent time with her and some of the local women to learn about the restoration site, the history, methods and success of this project in Costa Rica.

This meeting resulted in:
– A 15-minute YouTube episode highlighting the Cuajiniquil project,
– A detailed blog post about the project to better understand the entire initiative.

> See the video

Source: Louise-Océane Delion of Phoenix expedition