Methodological Guide for Mangrove Restoration – FFEM – 2024 (French)

The FFEM has supported multiple projects dedicated to the protection, management, and restoration of mangroves as part of its strategy on the Resilience of Aquatic Ecosystems. In order to enhance their effectiveness and draw lessons from these various programs, the FFEM has also supported the Mangrove Initiative, a cross-cutting capitalization initiative that brought together practitioners, […]

European Conference on Tropical Ecology

The European Tropical Ecology Conference is held in Montpellier on June 7-8, 2022. Lisa Macera presents a poster on her remote sensing work, including results on Cuajiniquil in Costa Rica, and the MERCI-MANGROVES tool. > Link to the poster

Mission Benin (February-March 2023)

After the postponement of previous missions due to COVID, a new mission to Benin was held from February 27 to March 5, with the presence of several actors of the initiative. Organized by Ebénézer Houndjinou, from the NGO CORDE, it was attended by Janique Etienne (FFEM), Moussa Sall (CSE), Claudia Agraz (EPOMEX, Mexico), Issa Sakho […]

The mangrove initiative at the PRCM forum (West Africa)

The 10th edition of the Coastal and Marine Forum will be held from March 29 to April 1, 2022 Saly, Senegal, under the theme of: “the health of the oceans, a sustainable development issue for West African coastal countries”. An exceptional meeting for sharing between high-level actors working in the field of conservation, the forum […]

The Mangrove Initiative at the IUCN World Conservation Congress (IUCN, 2021)

Very present at the IUCN congress, the Mangrove Initiative presented different results during three events: 1. SESSION THEMATIC SESSION Global pressures on mangroves and their communities : solutions from conservation and restoration This session provided an overview of the co-benefits of mangrove conservation, their threats, and potential challenges and solutions from practices around the world […]

Initiative meeting days during the IUCN Congress

On the sidelines of the IUCN congress to be held in Marseille from September 3 to 11, the FGEF is organizing two days dedicated to the mangrove initiative. September 9 will be devoted to the presentation of the progress of the theses in progress on the restoration, then the meeting of the members of the […]

C’est pas du vent… (It’s not wind)

Costa Rica-Benin: South-South mobilization to help mangroves. On 16/04/2020, Radio France International (RFI) devoted its radio show “C’est pas du vent” (“It’s not wind”) to mangroves, through FGEF projects, with the participation of Janique Etienne (FFEM) and Ebenezer Houndjinou (NGO Corde, in charge of the mangrove restoration project in the Mono Delta sector in Benin), […]

4-7 NOV./COSTA RICA/First mission for the expert platform

The expert platform’s first mission to Costa Rica took place from 4 to 7 November 2018 with Janique Etienne, Juliana Prosperi and Catherine Gabrié, Marine Lalanne from the French Embassy in Costa Rica and Beninese project manager Ebénézer Houndjinou. The visit was organised and accompanied by the project’s Costa Rican teams: Bernardo Aguilar GONZALEZ, Executive […]