Green-Grey projects in Philippines

Implementation of green and grey infrastructures

In the Philippines, the project covers 4 sites in the province of Iliolo: Bagongon, Loong, North Bacjawan, Tambaliza. In each of the sites, several structures have been installed, combining soft solutions (mainly bamboo structures) and grey solutions (small stone dikes) to trap sediment and/or to attenuate swell before reforestation.

Green solutions: a 9-meter long wave attenuation fence and another 895-meter sediment trapping fence has been established at the Bagongon site (see map below, sites 1, 3, 4, 6, 8).

Grey solution at Bacjawan noth with the installation of a 115 meter living breakwater.

Photos: 1: Sediment trap (Bagongon); 2: Wave attenuation structures (Bagongon); 3 and 4: Grey solutions (Northern Bacjawan); 5, 6 and 7: Farm in Tambaliza

Because of the COVIS-19 lockdown, activities was stalled.

Development of alternative activities in demonstration sites

Value chain analysis workshops were held in August 2018 with community partner organizations. Business plans for each of the identified livelihoods were also prepared with the community to help partner organizations focus on their particular identities, target markets, and products or services.

Coconut is one of the most important crops in the Philippines, as the country is the world’s second largest producer of coconuts and the activities identified are mainly based on this production.


Proposed activities



Production based on coconut fibres (Geonets)
Production of virgin coconut oil

Production site installed, equipment supplied, training provided
Materials provided, training delivered

Tambaliza   GardeningProduction : 259 kg vegetables (12 618 00 PhP)
Loong Local chicken productionWaiting for the end coronavirus
Polopiiia Clothing manufacturingTraining in the manufacture of school uniforms (schools closed due to Covid)
Bacjawan Norte Farming (vegetables and chicken)Waiting for the end coronavirus

Promotion of green-grey solutions: The various events, training workshops and local, national and international meetings on “green-grey” solutions have all been cancelled due to Covid.

Photos : Gardening in Tambaliza